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Inspire, stimulate and create meaningful environments

Our founder Tommaso Spinzi is a creative designer and consultant specialised in interior decoration and furniture design.

He has worked in Switzerland, Australia and New York. This mix of international influences has shaped his approach to design. Right from the outset, the studio has worked in different areas of design and in the most varied contexts. 

Each project is unique and tailor-made for the client, whom we strive to represent in every detail, focusing on creating lifestyles through good design. This may include art, style, furniture, layout, colour schemes and the overall design fit.

As well as being a collector of mid-century Italian furniture, cars and motorbikes, Tommaso designs limited edition pieces for galleries and clients.

Tommaso’s goal is to inspire, stimulate and finally create meaningful environments. The studio works closely with the client at every stage of the journey.

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