6 Ways To Make More Money On Airbnb With Interior Design

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Maximise your Airbnb space to maximise your income – it’s a win win.

NYC for $1879 a night

The Herald Sun reported that Melbourne Airbnb hosts earn up to $15,000 per year, just from renting out their already spare rooms.

Airbnb has been flourishing in Melbourne over recent years, with more than 9,000 listings available on the site. With Melbourne being an increasingly popular tourist destination, these numbers are expected to grow.

Anyone can convert a spare room into a way to make a little extra income through Airbnb. But to maximize the profits you can make from that space, an interior designer is essential. Working with an interior designer experienced with Airbnb can ensure you receive the maximum payment possible for your space.

Stockholm for $559 a night

1. Re-design Your Space
Sprucing up your spare room is a sure fire way to earn some extra cash on Airbnb. To attract the highest paying guests, enlisting an interior designer will increase the value of your space ten fold. While reconfiguring a space for Airbnb, there are a number factors to take into consideration. Threfore to work with an interior designer already experienced in Airbnb design is important.

With extensive experience in designing spaces for Airbnb, Spinzi Design is adept at designing the kind of eye-catching interiors that get noticed by high paying browsers. As avid fans, we stay with Airbnb every time we travel and always come back feeling inspired. We like to create a memorable experience for travellers through our Airbnb designs, achieving this through statement interiors both unique and functional.

Budapest for $282 per night

2. Attract More Clients
To attract more clients on Airbnb, your interior needs to stand out amongst the masses. Hence with 9,000 listings in Melbourne alone, there’s a lot to compete with.

With our experience in creating successful designs for Airbnb, we here at Spinzi know how to make this happen. Through mixing the old with the new, we create uniquely modern spaces that draw Airbnb clients in, whilst maintaining a sense of home and comfort. This ensures that the spaces we create are eye-catching enough to draw in high paying guests. Also comfortable enough to make them a returning customer.

St Germain, Paris – $1535 per night

3. Achieve Higher Rankings
Once you’ve succeeded in making your Airbnb listing stand out through an interesting interior, you need to make sure any clients you have enjoy their experience while staying in your space. A distinctive interior style will get you guests. But to get high ratings, make sure you consider the functionality of the area as well as providing a sense of home for weary travellers. The area needs to be designed to flow seamlessly and offer comfort to guests, while also looking great.

Once you start getting consistently high rankings, you can increase the price of your listing. Spinzi can work on this with you, achieving a functional, homely space that still looks incredible enough to stand out on Airbnb.

Copenhagen – $360 per night

4. Earn More Than $80 A Night
The better your interior is, the more money you’re going to be able to charge per night. Sprucing up your home or spare room can make a big difference in the amount of money you can charge per night. But to be one of the hosts making the highest amounts on Airbnb – $80 a night and more – your interior needs to be something special.

Only the best of the best make this sort of money with their Airbnb listings. To make your listing fit into this category, the interior of your space needs to be both eye catching and different. Working with an interior designer will ensure you achieve a uniquely original aesthetic, making your space stand out to any browsers looking to stay somewhere special. Through working with an interior designer to reconfigure your space, you can ensure you get the maximum profits possible from your Airbnb listing.

New York City

5. Use The City As Inspiration
Look at the most popular listings in each major city, and you’ll see that they reflect the city or lifestyle of their location in some way. When people travel to a new country or city, they want to experience the lifestyle of that place in all its forms. For maximum rankings and profits, it can be a good idea to make the space you rent out reflect the lifestyle of your city somehow.

Melbourne is known for its thriving arts scene, something which is replicated the infrastructure of the city. Emulate that distinctive Melbourne artistry with your space, and you’ll see your Airbnb customers and ratings increase ten fold. Work with your interior designer to reflect some Melbourne creativity in your interior. This will give guests an authentically Melbourne experience when staying in your space.

Paris – $640 per night

6. Earn Easy Income
With something as viral as Airbnb, word of mouth is key. In fact it’s the reason why the start up grew so successful in the first place. Working with an interior designer to create a space that is truly unique. You will see gaining rakes of high paying customers while barely lifting a finger.

The more distinctive and memorable the interior of your Airbnb listing is, the more likely guests will be to recommend you to any other friends traveling to Melbourne. In the digital age, any interior that is gorgeous enough to motivate a guest to post it on social media gains you instant free publicity.

Spinzi design can work with you to achieve this jaw dropping effect. The kind that ensures returning customers, as well as word of mouth recommendations. Before you know it, you’ll have a regular source of easy income and a beautiful interior to boot.

Contact us to see how we can help you re-design your interior design for Airbnb.