Bullet by Leonida de Filippi


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Born in Milano in 1969, Leonida De Filippi lives and works between Milano and Africa. In 2008, he created the humanitarian association “The Sense of Art”. Throughout his career, he had several personal exhibition, besides presenting his works at the Venice Biennale, at the MART in Rovereto and at many others international events.

His project Circularity was created in Wuhan, China in 2017. The circle is a symolises energy and wants to be a metaphor of the dialogue between people and cultures, regardless of social and linguistic barriers. He says the best way to experience these works is to stare exaclty at the center of the circle, feeling the energy brought to you by the circular lines.

This disc, created in 2019, has a diameter of 40cm and is realised with acrylic paint on canvas. It is signed by the artist on the back, alongside the date and title.