Vintage uranium green Murano ashtray


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For how magical it might seem at first glance, Murano glass is mostly a matter of chemistry. Color is obtained through the reaction of specific elements which, added to the glass fuse and heated to a certain temperature, will produce the bright hues found on Murano glass objects.

This green/yellowish tones, which are usually found on Sommerso pieces from the Seventies, were the product of a heated part of uranium. While this might seem dangerous at first, there is absolutely no hazard to health: the use of uranium in the production of glass and ceramic is rather common and has been for decades.

The present piece is a triangular ashtray measuring around 20 by 20 cm with a height of 8 cm. It is preserved in great conditions and only shows the light, expectable signs of time for a piece almost 50 years old.