Custom Made Spaces – Tailor your home to the way you live

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Create a Melbourne home that is uniquely you with designer furniture. Furniture and furnishings at throwaway prices with mass-produced origins are rapidly losing their appeal. A more discerning clientele demands interiors which combine quality craftsmanship with inspiring design to create beautiful, timeless spaces – that work!

Bespoke designed and made spaces have become incredibly important; not only because the home is a distinct reflection of one’s personality and style, but because it’s is a worthy investment that will increase the chance of selling your property in the future (at a much higher price).

Having your furniture and furnishings custom-made provides you with far more design flexibility and offers the opportunity to implement your ideas to create the home of your dreams. With the assistance of a professional you can be assured that the right craftsmen are commissioned to achieve an interior that balances seamlessly with its surroundings.

A bespoke tailored interior has some major benefits! Discover the 5 main advantages of customising your home below.

Save time and money:

Yes money! You may potentially have to invest a little more initially, but hand-crafted furniture will last a lot longer than its mass produced counterparts. Additionally, if you account for the amount of time that can be spent painstakingly searching for that perfect piece, a custom-made piece can save you hours! It’s also possible to have something made that is in a similar style to an expensive designer label item but at a fraction of the cost. There’s always alternative options for fabrics, timbers or other details that offer better value for money.


Bespoke equals better quality and is generally made with materials that are built to last. Not only will the product stand the test of time, they will also result in less furniture being discarded to dump sites. This means less impact on our environment; a major advantage.


Off-the-shelf products can have limitations and might not always meet your requirements in terms of colour / finish / size / shape etc. Perhaps you have been searching for a particular piece that is proving to be problematic to source? Custom-made furniture is the answer! It can be designed to your specification and to meet your exact needs.


Whether you have a large open space you need to make feel cosier, or a small compact space you     want to make feel larger; you can maximise the space in your home by having bespoke items made to fit perfectly to the proportions of your room. This is especially beneficial if your room is an awkward shape.

Visual Appeal:

Customising gives you the flexibility to combine particular elements from different items to create the perfect piece that’s just right for you and for your space. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and come up with something that is truly unique to create your dream home!

Designer Furniture Melbourne Services:

Melbourne based furniture and interior designer Spinzi Design can help you create the perfect custom-made interior! We have connections to some of the most highly skilled craftsmen in the business. We specialise in designer furniture Melbourne, and will work closely with you to create the one of a kind pieces to perfectly suit your interior.

We also offer this designer furniture at trade discount prices, making our pieces some of the lowest prices in all of Melbourne.

Click here to contact us to further discuss how we can help you create the home you have always dreamed of!