Eterna by Tommaso Spinzi

“During a trip to Murano, I noticed a box of glass scraps. I decided to use them to create an artwork, givinv them a new life and celebrating the beauty and eternity of Murano glass.”

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“Eterna” is an artwork concept that celebrates the beauty of art glass, its vivid colours and its upcycling possibilities, that allow for a potentially endless recycling.
Created with scraps from vases, bottles and other Murano glass objects, Eterna discs are unique compositions; their beauty comes from the casual juxtaposition of shades and decorations of the starting pieces. Looking at them carefully, it’s possible to guess what’s the starting pieces were: a “rigadin” glass, an “aventurine” ashtray, some colourful murrine

Created by the expert Murano masters that also made the starting pieces, Eterna discs celebrate the matericity of glass, giving a second life to scraps that would otherwise be condemned to waste. Even if fused together, these pieces keep their soul intact, giving life to unexpected details that punctuate the bright artworks.

Realised in collaboration with Vaporetto Glass, hand crafted on the Island of Murano, all the discs are unique and impossible to replicate, due to their casual origin. Their aspect is the result of the artistic direction of Tommaso Spinzi and of the skills of Murano master glassmakers.

Diameter of each disc is 60cm. Overall thickness about 5cm.