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Our Interior Design Philosophy

By December 7, 2016March 2nd, 2020No Comments

Based in Milan and Melbourne, our interior design philosophy focuses on the unique needs and design goals of the homeowners. Here at Spinzi Design, we set a great deal of emphasis on listening to and understanding the expectations of our clients. With our main intention being that of creating a home, we ensure collaboration with our clients is practiced throughout all stages of our design process.

Modern Eclectic Designs

Specialising in Modern Eclectic designs, we set great focus on our attention to detail, as this ultimately leads to the success of our balanced designs. Elements of surprise are introduced through our inclusion of unexpected décor and colour combinations, whilst always ensuring that our clients ideal palettes are integrated. Harmonisation of our eclectic fusions of contrasting cultures and time periods are accomplished through the use of natural textures and materials. As a result, timeless and one of a kind spaces are created.