5 Interior Design Tips For Redecorating Your Home

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Interior Design Tips for your Ideal Home

Are you looking for interior design tips to re-decorate your apartment? Look no further as taking inspiration from interior designers can help you make the most of your space. Therefore whether you’re re-doing a single room or the entire house, considering the area from an interior designers perspective can make a world of difference.

Interior designers are adept at seeing the potential of an area. Also, they are masters at solving problems such as a lack of flow, or spaces that seem too small. Therefore there are a multitude of ways interior designers can maximize a space, and these can go a long way towards completely transforming your home. Hence, we’ve picked out our top 4 design tips for creating beautiful interiors. Happy decorating!

1. Focus on Liveability

The function of the area needs to be considered with every design. In fact improving the flow, making most of the space, and choosing practical materials improves the liveability. A good interior design will consider the purpose of the area, as well as the lifestyle of the people using it. For example, a kitchen that caters to a large family should be designed differently to a kitchen that provides for only one or two.

2. Make the Most of the Space

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The re-design of an area should solve any problems within the space. For example areas with low ceilings, a good interior design will use low furniture to create the illusion of a taller room. Also, skilled designers stay away from horizontal lines in low or small rooms, using strong vertical lines instead to create height and length.

For a space without many windows, an experienced designer will use colour to create light. Consequently, painting the ceiling a few shades paler than the walls creates the illusion of natural light, as well as making the room seem bigger. Also, with areas that are small, designing custom made furniture can meet the demands of the room without wasting space. Lastly, for rooms that don’t flow well, re-designing the structure of the area will make the most of the space.

3. Create a Focal Point

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A well-structured interior will center on a focal point. This should be the best part of the area. For instance if it’s an architectural element like a fantastic view, big bay-side windows, a fireplace, or a statement piece of artwork. Interior designers will use focal points to influence how you view or experience a space. The furnishings and decor should draw the eye to the focal point, using different pieces to enhance it.

4. Use Accent Pieces

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Accent pieces are used to create secondary points of interest in a well-designed interior. These can be in the form of rugs, hanging light fixtures, bookcases, antiques, mirrors and sculptures. Secondary pieces should add shape, texture and atmosphere, as well as complimenting the focus point.

5. Add Smaller Pieces

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Filling out the space with smaller pieces completes the room and creates harmony. Third points of interest can be in the form of candles, books, vases, posters, cushions, plants and smaller pieces of artwork. They can be used to compliment the existing elements of a room, or to add new points of colour and pattern. A good interior design will use all three tiers of interest to create unity and draw the eye towards the focal point of the room.

We hope you appreciated our Interior Design Tips and will follow our Journal for some more inspiring ideas.