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At the end of May, I had the pleasure of meeting Tommaso, the talented designer behind Spinzi Design.

I met Tommaso on instagram a few months before and became a fan of his work, his taste in Italian design and most importantly his fantastic studio, complete with his 911 sc.

A few months before I stumbled across a photograph of what seemed to be a Porsche 911 exhibited in a living room. I was both amazed and surprised, who would do such a thing and why?! But I said to myself: I’d love to photograph that place myself. Little did I know, that amazing studio was 15 minutes far from where I live now.


I first met Tommaso in his studio on the 20th of May, I brought with me the Leica Q, not being sure if I would be able to take a few photos. After a coffee and nice chat I’ve kindly asked Tommaso if I could take his portrait.


The light was perfect, so was the studio arrangement. What started as a chat turned into a full portrait session, nothing was planned and I guess that’s what made it so special.

But I wasn’t that convinced, I wanted to shoot a few more photos but I needed a different lens. Tommaso told me that he would move his Porsche in a couple of days and maybe we could take a few more photographs with the car in a different position. So we met again a few days afterwards and I brought my Leica SL, here is the final result.

Original article by Davide De Martis