Italian mid-century brass bed frame by Luciano Frigerio


Very rare and perfectly preserved, a wonderful accent for a contemporary bedroom.

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Offered for sale is a rare queen size bed frame in brass and painted iron, designed in the 1960 by Luciano Frigerio and manufactured by his own brand Frigerio, based in Desio, in the outskirts of Milan. The bed resembles similar pieces by Osvaldo Borsani and Arnaldo Pomodoro, but the piece has been autenthicated and attributed to Frigerio based on auction catalogs and – most importantly – Frigerio’s daughter, who’s now overlooking the designer’s heritage.

The frame is very well preserved: the brass headboard only shows the expectable patina of time, absolutely even, warm and pleasant; the other three sides, coated in grey paint, show minor signs; they can be kept as they are, or refinished in a color of choice as it was a common practice, back then, to match the room style and mood with the bed frame color. Examples have surfaced finished in grey, white, gold tone and even brown or black.

The inner dimensions of the frame are 167 by 195cm; a bed structure is not provided.