Massive “sommerso” Murano glass vase


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What’s beautiful about Murano glass is that the material offers countless possibilities. Different colors, processing, techniques and… sizes! Everything from very small jewels to massive vases can be crafted out of the most famous and fine glass in the world, and this piece is ceratinly an example of the latter.

Crafted in an appealing mix of “cristallo“, green and orange glass, it stands tall and firm thanks to its size, thickness and impressive weight. Its shape, however, is extremely elegant and refinished. A small asymmetry is the proof that the vase was entirely handmade.

It is 31cm tall, and measures approximately 16 by 8 cm at its point of maximum width. It shows signs of the time in the form of an even and pleasant patina, and has no visible damages, cracks or dents.