Massive vintage vase in pink Murano glass


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It takes great skills to create any object in Murano glass, be it a vase, a bowl, an ashtray or a sculpture. Sometimes you need to know when to stop blowing, sometimes you have to be a master in figurative arts, sometimes you need strength to hold a huge and heavy vase kept at high temperature.

This vase, indeed, must have been a great challenge for the artisan who created it back in the Sixties. It has a peculiar, fluid and asymmetrical shape that has a definite harmony and proportions to it. The base, loosely resembling the paws of some mithycal animal, grants stability to the massive piece, which stands tall and heavy.

It is a unique and attractive sculpture but can of course be used as a vase in its full rights, since the it is wide and deep enough to hold a bunch of flowers or whatever you wish to fit in. It is 26cm tall and has an approximate diameter of 17cm. Preserved in very good conditions, it only shows minor marks and light scratches, totally expectable on a piece of this age. It has no cracks, dents or structural damage.