Set of two “P40” lounge chairs by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno

Two lounge chairs designed by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno, redone in bright yellow velvet.



Often defined as the “ultimate reclining chair”, Osvaldo Borsani’s P40 designed for his brand Tecno is certainly one of the most attractive, sought after and timeless lounge chairs ever made. Initially released in 1955, one year after the D70 sofa had made an impression at the Milano Triennale, it has been produced in two different and consecutive series – before being relaunched as a sanctioned issue by Tecno itself in recent years.

The present chairs, in a set of two, belong to the second series of the original production. The tell-tale details are the square legs, opposed to the earlier round ones, the quick release of the footrest operated via two pushers on the sides of the seat, and the sectional backrest, which can be extended to provide additional support.

The two chairs have recently been redone in bright yellow velvet, while all other components – from the armrests and legs down to the minute brass screws and washers – are original. The little roller wheels concealed in the rear legs are present, yet marked by time. Both pieces still retain their original labels underneath and on the sides, correctly indicating Tecno’s original address at Via Bigli 22, in Milan’s Montenapoleone district.

This is a rare occasion two own not one, but a set of two Tecno P40 lounge chairs, increasingly rare pieces very difficult to find in such conditions!