Giving new life to anonymous design gems.

Fusion is born from the desire to give a new life to furniture pieces that were a synonym of style, lived a better time, and then went out of fashion. Their soul is preserved, and fused with our passions for metal finishes, engines and industrial works.

The gradient of the new finish is hand made making each panel one of a kind. The colour, ranging from golden to dark bronze, is made to complement the warm tones of the original wood. The appearance of each panel becomes changing and materic; it recalls a precious metal, but also the patina of time on engines and industrial gears, thus adding to the original beauty the fashion of history.

The originary pieces, selected by Spinzi over the course of the years, represent the best of the vintage italian production; even if they were not penned by famous designers, their timeless lines are a manifesto of the craftsmanship and of the taste that have forever defined the industrial production of our country.