Mercedes G-Class

Off-roading in style.

With its immortal design, extreme off-road capabilities and cult-like following all over the world, the Mercedes G-Class is one of the most recognisable, loved and iconic vehicles ever. In production since 1979, it has gone through some minor and respectful restylings that shaped its contemporary style.

The present vehicle dates back to the mid 1990s, and is the cherished possession of a client who asked us to update it in order to make it unique. While the exterior color has remained pretty much unchanged, the interior has been completely transformed through a sartorial, made to measure process.

Tobacco leather, Alcantara and upholstery now cover every surface, playing with the tones of wood veneer in the main console. All stitchings and trims have been carefully handmade,  in order to cover every knob, handle and detail. Calf leather and Alcantara play a game of contrasts on the seats.

This G class is now the exact reflection of its owner’s lifestyle. A classy, one of a kind vehicle for the city, but ready to deploy its offroad potential to take on the most daring courses without giving up on style.