The outcome of a passion-fueled design process.

Silös is a collection that brings together the attraction for abandoned spaces, for metal, mechanics, and for the industrial architecture of Milan. These elements come to life in the collection, together with the hole, signature of Spinzi, that is now meant to be a symbol of permeability to change and to innovation; through the holes, we can imagine to catch the glimpse of a new light, of a bright future.

The collection is entirely crafted from metal, Spinzi’s signature material, with a special finish that enhances its matericity. Silös consists of a set of tables, a console and a modular bookcase;

The pieces from Silös pay homage to the cityscape of skyscrapers and industrial structures of the “Rising city” painted by Boccioni. All the pieces are made in Milano, to honor the artisanal ingenuity of our city.