Relief sculpture by Lino Tinè


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Born in Sicily in 1932, Lino Tinè moved to Milano early in his twenties, where he spent most of his creative life. His works are mostly sculptures and reliefs, as he wants to explore the expressive possibilities of materic supports. Over the years, he presented his artworks in many Italian and international exhibitions.

The present work, a low-relief sculpture, has a stainless steel base with two applied metal sheets, that Tinè transformed with a methodic and patient engraving work. The signs traced on metal show the amount and variety of tools he used in the task.

Measuring 80 by 80cm, it has a hook on the back for hanging on the wall. It is preserved in excellent conditions, has a very contemporary appearance and the autenthicity is certified by the signature hand-engraved in the lower right corner of the plate. It is a unique piece.