We know what you want, and design what you need.

Just like a dress, a custom made interior fits you perfectly. It tells your story, and is an expression of your taste, your personality and lifestyle. Like a tailor who gets to know you and learns how to suit you up, we can sit down and have a chat with you to understand what you want and what you need. If you want to turn your house into your home, let us create the experience for you.

Interior Design

Starting from your current spaces, we plan new solutions to build a narrative focused on your lifestyle. Starting from the overall layout and furniture, and going all the way to finishes, lighting, artworks and decorative objects, we create an interior modeled after your personality and tastes. Our goal is to capture your imagination and bring your ideas to life.

Furniture Design

Furniture is a key feature of any interior: its design can make or break the space. At Spinzi, we are committed to designing custom made one-offs and limited edition pieces that embody our philosophy and the client’s desires. Our trusted artisans then craft them for us working at the highest possible standards to offer you the ultimate experience in terms of custom made furniture.

Our pieces are designed with sensual shapes and crafted with strong materials. Our approach to furniture is a clear statement: generating the sense of beauty through living. Our sculptural pieces reflect a cross linkage between automotive, interior and fashion.

Furniture Design

Furniture can make or break the design of the overall interior. The size, style, placement, finishes and combination of furniture pieces can change the look and feel of the space significantly. To achieve different functions within a small or a very large space, tailor-made furniture can achieve wonders through building multiple functional uses.

Spinzi designs custom limited-edition pieces with sensual shapes and strong materials . His approach to furniture is a clear statement: generating the  sense of beauty through living. His sculptural pieces reflect a cross linkage between automotive interior and fashion.

Art Direction

Art direction is a fundamental factor in the succes of major design projects. Art directors have an overall vision of the venture, and can plan a strategy to help all the involved creatives work synergycally to achieve the best result. Ad campaigns, photoshoots, product launches are just some of the projects that an art director can support and organize, by setting the tone, feel and artistic style.