Set of six “Cobra” dining chairs by Giotto Stoppino

A rare set of three “left” and three “right” Cobra chairs by Giotto Stoppino, preserved in original conditions.



Born 1926, Giotto Stoppino was one of the most relevant representative of the Italian Space Age movement. He worked as an architect but, most importantly, as a designer – penning objects and furniture pieces both in coloured plastic and in chromed metal, the most popular materials of the 1970s.

His preeminent creations certainly are tables, chairs and lounge chairs in chromed metal, often sinuously shaped and almost organic in their forms. The present chairs, for example, were named “Cobra” ad their frame looks like the elegant Indian snake.

A peculiarity of the Cobra chairs was that they could be either “left” or “right”, according on the curvature of the leg and backrest. The offered set of six is a perfect match of three plus three chairs, that can be placed alternate around a circular table or matching on the opposite sides of a rectangular one.

They are upholstered in the original black leather and are all in good shape. Only one of the six shows some scratches and marks on the leather, which can probably be removed with a nourishing treatment.