Tall “mosaic” vase in vintage Murano glass


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Confetti are a symbol of the world renowned venetian carnival, so in a way it only makes sense to find them (sort of) into another world famous craft product from the floating city. This vintage Murano glass vase has indeed inlaid shards of multicolored glass, that closely resemble the festant paper flakes thrown out during celebration.

While its main body is made of clear “cristallo” glass, with some included bubbles, these inlais are perfectly smooth and vibrate in vivid colours. They certainly make the perfect compliment for any buch of flowers you’d want to fit in, but are also a greate decorative artwork worth of being contemplated alone.

The vase, 35cm tall and 12cm in diameter, is preserved in very good conditions. There are no cracks, dents or structural damage, but only a light, even and expectable patina throughout.