5 Tips For Creating A Timeless Interior

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ThereCreating a Timeless Interior with Modern, Eclectic Designs Designing an interior that withstands the test of time has never been so easy.

Creating a timeless interior has never been so important in the interior design industry. Consumers have become more design-savvy and expect their homes to be functional and to stand the test of time in terms of quality and aesthetics. To achieve this it’s important to avoid fleeting trends. Selecting furniture and furnishings that are unique are integral to this. If everybody’s doing it – it’s going to go out of fashion – fast!

When dealing with something as personal as design for the home, selecting the right furniture and furnishings means everything! The style you create in your home is unquestionably linked by unique elements, but they are held in place by items of furniture that become the foundation of a timeless interior.

Ensuring these foundational items are timeless in appearance will create a base for you to bring in accoutrements that are more on trend. Just as we would update our wardrobe – It’s nice to do the same with our interiors. Décor and accessories are generally inexpensive and can be changed to be in keeping with current design trends. It’s like investing in the little black dress or suite jacket that will work with everything and can be accessorized with different jewellery / shoes or ties to create multiple looks. It’s the best way to introduce colour and variety.

5 Secrets for Creating an Interior that Balances Modern with Timeless

1. Avoid fleeting trends

Seek furniture and furnishings that are elegant and sophisticated whether it be classic, contemporary or modern, look for pieces that won’t date over time. Clean and simple lines in a neutral palette of fabric will remain timeless

2. Choose a neutral base

When selecting materials and finishes such as flooring, kitchen cabinetry and sofa fabrics incorporate a neutral colour palette. You can introduce colour through items that can easily be changed such as decorative accents, soft furnishings, paint colours, wall papers and art.

3. Mix antiques with modern and understated with rare

Never underestimate the beauty of contrast. Don`t discard something just because you thing is old. Period pieces are treasures that can look stunning set against a clean and contemporary back drop.

4. Create a fusion of different cultures

Selectively mix objects from different parts of the world. For example, a modern sofa teamed with an Oriental rug can add variety and charm to your interior.

5. Choose items that you love!

Your goal is to create a home that makes you happy. Therefore your home must be a reflection of your personality, you are less likely to tire of your interior if you select pieces that you truly love (despite current trends). This is most important thing to remember when creating a timeless interior – choose things you’ll never tire of looking at!

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