Vintage Arteluce 600 table lamp by Gino Sarfatti


The boxing bag of the lamp world



Founded in 1936 by italian designer Gino Sarfatti, Arteluce has been one of the most influential brands in italian mid-century lighting. The production of the company covered every genre of lamps, from floor and table ones to sconces and ceiling lights. The reference numbers showed a methodical organisation, with numbers starting from 100 for sconces, 500 for table lamps, 1000 for floor lamps, 2000 for chandeliers and 3000 for ceiling lights.

The present lamp has reference number 600, and is indeed a table lamp. It is characterised by the funny leather bag at the base: filled with sand, it works as a weight, and allows the lamp to be placed at several different angles on the table. It is a very rare and sought after piece designed by Sarfatti himself.

Preserved in very good conditions, the original “Arteluce” sticjer on the side of the body is still visible. The cable, switch and plug are still original, and the included light bulb is in working condition.