Vintage chandelier by Toni Zuccheri for VeArt

Zuccheri’s signature frosted glass


One of the most celebrated glass designers of his generation, Toni Zuccheri worked closely with Venini and VeArt in creating vases, sculptures and lamps. His works are now sought after by collectors, and sourcing examples preserved in good conditions is getting harder by the day.

The present lamp, a pendant chandelier with four cubic shades over the same number of lights, was designed for VeArt and is one of his most known models. The chromed rings around the shades’ apertures are a nice detail and a strong 1980s vibe.

The lamp is in full working order, and most importantly perfect preserved, a rare sight nowadays. Four light bulbs are included and it is ready for installation. The overall heigth is 66cm. Each cube measures 16 by 16 by 16.