Vintage decorative Murano glass vase


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There are different ways to model Murano glass. The one most people immediately think of is blowing, consisting in – as the name implies – blowing glass through a cane inside a mass of glass, getting it to expand until it becomes extremely thin.

Another way, however, is that of shaping an object through a mold, thus obtaining more elaborate shapes that a blower wouldn’t be able to obtain. It is the case with this massive transparent vase, which has an elegant and smoothly beveled decoration on the front.

The green spot is skillfully obtained through a thin coat of green glass, and highlights the focal center of the decorative pattern. The front and back are smooth, while the sides are gently frosted, adding a materic quality to the object.

It is 11cm tall and 12cm tall, with a depth of 4cm. If used as a vase, it can accomodate a single flower, having a hole with a diameter of 1cm and a depth of around 7cm. It is preserved in very good condition, with a warm patina and no cracks nor dents.