Vintage elaborate Murano glass ashtray in blue and red glass


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While some Murano ashtrays come in simple shapes, others have more ornate and sculptural styles. The skilled glassblowers and artisans of the venetian island can effortlessly obtain the most fantasious shapes out of the fascinating material they work with, and in this case they decided to create some sort of an ear.

Crafted from a red and blue/aquamarine glass mix, massive and solid, this ashtray comes from the mid Sixties and is preserved in very good condition given its age.It has a pleasant patina and some minor scratches throughout, but no dents nor structural damage.

Its shape is reminiscent of other pieces of the same period, but the present one is larger than average. Its dimension makes it ideal as a valet tray, or even as just a beautiful and rare to find decorative piece. It measures 17 by 15cm and has a height of 7cm.