Space Age floor lamp in chromed metal and glass


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Design doesn’t need a name to be good. There is plenty of objects out there – chairs, lamps, tables… – that are “anonymous” but look like they were created by one of the greatest designers. This lamp makes the perfect case: we don’t know anything about it, except for the fact that it was made in the seventies and most likely in Italy.

It is, however, gorgeous in its own rights. The original and perfectly preserved glass shades fade from white to transparent, creating a nice effect even when the lamp is turned off. Its three lights provide enough light to liven up even large rooms. The chrome coating is preserved in very good condition, with just the minor fading and patina expectable on an object of this age. The metal frame is very interested in its design, consisting of one main and two side bars, that create a very architectural composition.

The lights work perfectly and have recently been replaced. The lamp is 135cm tall and around 30cm in overall diameter. It will be serviced by a professional electrician before delivery.