Vintage floor lamp in the style of Reggiani

Loud pipes make amazing lamps



When thinking of chromed laps from the mid-century period it’s hard not to remember Goffredo Reggiani, the obscure yet famed italian entrepreneur and light designer. Particularly keen of futuristic lines, high quality materials and fine lavorations, his lamps are immediately recognizable; and despite many of them arrived to these days without the label, it is quite easy to attribute a lighting piece to the genius of the designer.

The present lamp is an imposing and tall floor piece with a heavy base and four chromed pipes each hiding a light bulb. They are cut and decorated in a way that closely resembles racing car exhausts, making the present lamp extremely attractive for any classic car enthusiast and the perfect accessory for a modern mancave.

It is preserved in amazing conditions, and is fully functional thanks to the replaced cable, plug and switch. It has been serviced by a certified electrician. With a height of 180cm and a base diameter of 30cm, it is a huge presence in the room and a sure catalyst of attention.