Vintage iconic “Elda” armchair by Joe Colombo for Comfort



It’s 1963, Space Age is at its dawn, and Italian architect Joe Colombo designs a piece that will define the aesthetics of the era: we’re of course talking of the Elda chair, named after his beloved wife, manufactured by Comfort and later on by Longhi. It’s hard to believe these sinuous curves, rendered in fiberglass and leather, will turn sixty in 2023: good design is truly timeless!

Over the course of the years, the Elda has been manufactured in three different shell colours (black, grey and white, the present), and in a wide range of upholsteries, mainly in leather. Yet, the most iconic and sought after one is the white shell/black leather, the present one, also because it easily integrates with virtually any interior.

The offered chair is well preserved, with the fiberglass shell showing minor signs beneath the armrests; the upholstery has recently been redone, sticking to the original smooth black leather. Right now, the chair looks perfect and is ready to be set in a space age interior!