Vintage LUCI Milano P393 floor lamp



LUCI Milano, now defunct, was a lesser known manufacturer of lamps from – you guessed it – Milano, Italy. Its products are quite rare, and not much is known about the brand; for some pieces, the name of the designer is public, while for others not.

This lamp, model P393, is part of the anonymous ones, but has a marked 1970s aesthetic and is somehow reminiscent of some pieces by Goffredo Reggiani. The chromed rod holds three, independently-twisting light holders, which can be tilted and rotated in any direction.

The lamp is preserved in good conditions, presents an even patina to the rod and to the light holders, but has a damage to the terminal end of one of them (see pictures). It also has a faded spot underneath the same light holder.

It has been professionally rewired and is presented in full working order. it mounts three standard E27 bulbs (included). It has a height of 175cm and a base diameter of 30cm.