Vintage Murano glass vase


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Have you ever put a drop of ink into a glass of water? Chances are, if you did, the result looked pretty much like this vintage Murano glass vase. Made of clear thick “cristallo” glass, it has a particular, hard to achieve and seldom seen “ink” decoration, with thin filaments of black glass running all around inside the main body.

Sculptural and decorative in its own right, this small rare gem is a wonderful accessory for any home, with a modern or even contemporary interior. If you want to take things further, it can certainly be used as a vase, given it can accomodate a small composition of 2/3 flowers.

It has a diameter of 6cm and is 23cm tall; preserved in very good conditions, it shows no cracks, dents or damage, and only has a light and even patina throughout, perfectly expectable on a vintage glass object.