Space Age sculpture – wall lamp in the style of Esperia


A luminous sculpture



The period informally known as Space Age spans over the course of almost three decades, from the late 1950s to the mid 1980s. Designers and artists from all over the world created objects influenced by the aestethics of rockets, space pods, sci-fi movues and imagined futures.

The present lamp, a wall sconce/applique, is realised in brushed aluminium applied over a wood base. It has four lights and an off-center hole with a chromed metal edge. It can accomodate spherical bulbs like the pictured ones, but also thinner bulbs that fit inside the light holders.

It is preserved in optimal conditions, with just minor signs of age, and is in full working order. The wires are ready for installation, and it has been checked by a professional electrician. It measures 60 by 60 cm, and has an overall depth of 14cm.