Vintage Seminara chromed table lamp


A lamp fit for stately offices.

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Based in Turin, Italy, Seminara was a lamp manufacturer whose peak products were table lamps. A particularly famous model was the “Ministeriale”, named after the fact that it was standard issued to the offices of all ministries in Rome and in many other public offices.

Manufactured in several different colors, the Ministeriale was usually finished in pastel, 1960s tones, like moss green, brown, petrol blue and beige. This present example therefore stands out from the crowd thanks to its rare and unusual chrome coating.

Still shiny and perfectly preserved after many years, the lamp is in full working order and retains its original cable, plug and base-mounted switch. A label underneath the base and a sticker inside the lampshade certify its provenance, reading “Seminara SRL – Torino – Italy”.